Saw My Pain Management Doctor Feb 2013

I really like my pain management doctor.  He has a lot of good suggestions.  Some I agree with and some I don’t but he is very understanding of all the pain I am in.

I think some people have this idea that a pain management doctor just prescribes you opiate pain pills and is done with you.  That is not the case at all.  Pain management doctors have a lot of different strategies to manage pain and can refer you to other doctors in the area such as rheumatologist, podiatrists, surgeons and even counselors to deal with your pain.

My doctor suggest I see a rheumatologist since I have a lot of all over pain and I am tired a lot.  When I get a flare up all my joints hurt, not just my hip.   A rheumatologist my have be able to put all my pain together and come up with a reason for it all.

I got prescription strength ibuprofen.  I usually use Voltaren Gel on my hip, wrist, and knee, but when I have an all over body flare up I need to take ibuprofen.  I have to take 800mg three times a day to keep any sort of inflammation down so it makes more sense to have prescription strength pills than to be popping 12 plus pills a day.

Also, since ibuprofen can upset your stomach I got a prescription to Pantoprazle to sooth my stomach.  Although NSAIDs are great I still think ice works the best.

For exercise I need to start swimming again.  I have not been swimming because I am so busy and it is so cold outside.  I need to find an indoor pool until summer.    It hurts to walk and exercise, but at the same time it feels good to move my joints so swimming is the best option.

New Swim Goggles

New Swim Goggles

Also, my scooter finally came this week.  I will post more about my scooter later.

The last thing I worry about is weight gain.  I think I have gained weight but I am not sure because I have not been on a scale.  I am not over weight by any means but every pound on my body is multiplied pressure on my joints.  I worry any extra weight will put more pressure on my joints.  Penny is gaining weight too.  She is 17 lbs. ; chubby girl.

Two chub chubs sitting together on Valentines Day

Two chub chubs sitting together on Valentines Day


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