Got My Visco Hip Injection 2/20/13

I had a visco hip injection bright and early on 2/20/13.  I left my house around 6:15 am and made it to the doctors office before 7 am!  Yes, on time.  I was ushered to the pre-op patient room where I signed away my life (not really)  and then put on my hospital gown.  I had to pee in a cup to take a pregnancy test even though I knew I wasn’t pregnant.  Pee test confirmed NOT PREGNANT.

In my hopital gown and cap

In my hospital gown waiting to go to the operating room for my hip injection.  I know I look fabulous.

Before I went to the operating room Dr. Sampson gave me a hug and asked me if I had any concerns.  I love Dr. Sampson.  He is a great doctor, very smart, knows his hips, and really cares about his patients.  He really wants to get me better.  Dr. Sampson said he thinks that I dealing with arthritis.  Overall, from x-rays my joint space looks good, but there are probably some places where the arthritis is worse.

Next, I was bundled up into some blankets and lead to the operating room (it is FREEZING).  After everyone was set up and ready Dr. Sampson did an ultrasound on my hip – same ultrasound they use on babies.  Dr. Sampson confirmed that my hip is also NOT PREGNANT.  It looked like there was some fluid build up in my hip.  Everything else looked good on the ultra sound – bursa fine, all muscles attached.

Ultra sound of a hip

Ultra sound of a hip (not mine)

Dr. Sampson then shoved a needle in my hip to inject it with the numbing lidocaine.  Luckily at this point, one of the nurses asked about my dog Penny and told me some dog stories to distract me.  The worse part was over, my hip was numb.  Dr. Sampson drew out the fluid he saw on the ultra sound, then injection my hip with the Visco.  I could feel my hip get bloated and full and I said, “that is too much.”  The doctor took some Visco out until it felt good.

Now that the visco was injection, Dr. Sampson checked my hip with the x-ray.  The joint space in my hip looked wider because it was filled with fluid.  It looked okay though.  I was all done.  About an hour after I had arrived I was merrily walking out the building to my car with a numb hip.  I drove myself home with not much hip pain.

The biggest thing I noticed about driving with a numb hip was that breaking was not painful.  My lidocaine wore off in about an hour though and the achiness began to set in.  After an injection, the joint can feel achy for 2 to 5 days and it is completely normal.


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