Pre- Surgery Grocery List


It is important to buy groceries before your surgery.  I like to buy easy to prepare and eat foods and lots of juice.  I never feel like eating after surgery but it is important to get good nutrition so your body can heal itself.  I am also really thirst after surgery and drink a lot of liquids – STAY HYDRATED.  You don’t want to end up in the hospital for dehydration.  Here is my surgery grocery list.

  1. Tart Cherry Juice (my favorite, i stay away from acidic juice like O.J. because of my acid reflux)
  2. Zero Vitamin Water
  3. Canned Soup
  4. Ensure Vitamin Drinks in Vanilla (I know they are gross, but if you don’t feel like eating it is an easy way to get nutrition)
  5. Bread for toast or PB&Js
  6. Cereal and Milk (easy to make)
  7. Oatmeal
  8. Fruit – Strawberries, Blueberries, bananas and Mangos (if someone will slice it for you otherwise stick to easy to eat fruits – Remember fruit helps you poop!
  9. Laxatives (I always need these every surgery)
  10. Yogurt
  11. Odwalla Fruit Drinks
  12. Ice Cream (actually didn’t eat any ice cream because I didnt feel well enough but you never know when you will need some ice cream)
  13. Straws for drinking your juice
  14. Ginger Ale
  15. Granola Bars



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