Post Surgery Entertainment – how to entertain yourself after surgery

nail art white on black

After surgery you will probably just want to sleep a lot, but for those waking hours you will definitely want to entertain yourself.  Think about your entertainment before your surgery so you don’t get bored, especially if you will be staying in the hospital.

  1. Magazines – whether you’re into gossip magazines or car magazines, mags are a great way to entertain yourself with reading.  Novels can be too much thinking for a sleepy brain on pain killers and short articles will be much more fun to read.
  2. TV shows – pick out the TV shows that you want to catch up on and add some variety.
  3. Movies – Prepare a movie list of movies you want to catch up on.
  4. Netflix – a subscription to Netflix or Hulu can be a good way to get tv shows and movies and both offer free trial subscriptions.
  5. Visitors – visitors can be fun to chat with but it is good to know they are coming ahead of time so you don’t get caught with gross greasy hair and drool on your face.
  6. Internet – if you are staying in the hospital plan to bring a smart phone or tablet.
  7. Games – Download some fun games that don’t require too much brain power onto your smart phone or tablet.
  8. Knitting – If you’re into knitting and you are not having hand surgery, knitting is a fun way to entertain yourself.
  9. Update your ipod – you can update your music selection or organize your playlists while you recover.  It is something that is fun to do but often you don’t have time to do it.
  10. Video Games – You know your favorite video game just make sure you have a comfortable seat and set up to play.  If you are staying in the hospital bring your hand held gaming device.
  11. Computer Games – Catch up on your WOW and StarCraft.
  12. Manicure – It is a good time to paint your nails. Since you are not going anywhere or doing any dishes you will have plenty of time for your nails to dry and look great.
  13. Blog – Update your blog and write about how your recovery is going.
  14. Crafting – Any craft you can do sitting down is fine.

If you have any other tips for entertaining yourself after surgery let me know.

knitting with white yarn

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