4 Week Post-Op Visit – Third Hip Scope

Drawing of hip joint

The ligament holding my hip in place was fine.

Yesterday I had my four week post-op visit with my surgeon to go over what he did for my third right hip arthoscopic surgery.  Before my surgeon even cut my open he could tell that I had a lot of laxity in my hip joint.  He could easily pull my hip out of the socket.    Once he went into my hip joint he could see adhesions, or scar tissue that had formed.  This could be causing some of my pain.

scar tissue inside hip

Adhesion inside my right hip

I also had some wearing down and thinning of the cartilage (arthritis) in the front of my hip. My surgeon looked back deep into my socket and found no problems on the top of the head of my femur; no arthritis or problem with the iliofemoral ligament holding my joint in place.

My surgeon saw some bumpy regrowth of the bone that he had previous removed.  The bone grew back!  My surgeon shaved off this bumpy bone again and also took a little bit more bone off my acetabulum.  In the picture below you can see  two bumpy regrowths on my femoral head.  They remind me of warts.  I hope they don’t grow back again.

right hip joint during surgery

Bumpy bone regrowth on femoral head

After my surgeon was satisfied with smoothing out the bone growth in my hip joint he had to close up the capsule covering my hip joint. He used cadaver tendon tissue to cover my hip joint to tighten the capsule and sutured the cadaver tissue in place.

My surgeon instructed me to take it very, very slow.  Don’t do a lot of activity.  I am going to start physical therapy but I have to go extremely slow.  I am going to wean off of my crutches in the next few weeks.

Overall, this surgery was less extensive than my previous surgery.  I feel this recovery is going better and I have a lot of strength in my leg and hip compared to my previous surgery.  Cross my fingers that this works.   My surgeon also said that he doesn’t know if a hip replacement will work on me.  😦  But he has done hip replacements on young patients when all else failed.


drawing of hip and hip capsule

My hip capsule needed to be tightened with cadaver tissue


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