5 Week Post Op Surgery – Update- Third Hip Scope

A lot of people have been asking me how I am doing so I thought I would make a quick update.  I am still on crutches at 5 weeks post-op.  I am suppose to be on crutches a minimum of 6 weeks.  I have good days and bad days.  Sometimes I am in  a lot of pain still and can’t sleep.  I have been taking a Tylenol PM the last few nights and that has been helping.  Work has been exhausting and takes a lot out of me.  In fact everything is exhausting and takes a lot out of me.

I need to rest a lot so I usually sit on the couch with Penny and my ipad and watch tv shows, movies or surf the web.  It always helps to ice my hip.  I have not been going out much because I just get so tired and it is hard to do anything on crutches.

Overall I am not sure if the surgery worked or not.  When I have a bad hip day I really think it was another failed surgery.  Once in awhile I can get my pain levels down and I have hope that the surgery worked.  I will not be able to tell if the surgery worked until I am off crutches and walking around.

I start physical therapy next Friday.  My surgeon said to go really, really slow.  I am working with the same great therapist I had for my previous surgery.

My surgeon said he thinks a hip replacement may not help me, but has not ruled a hip replacement out.  A hip replacement is a really scary thought because it is a last resort.  Sometimes I just want to get a hip replacement.  I get really frustrated with recovery sometimes because it sucks being in so much pain and not feeling up to doing anything.


Girl on crutches holding ipad

Here is a picture of me on crutches from last year.


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