5 Weeks Post-Op and Can’t Paint My Toes – Third Right Hip Scope for FAI

I am at 5.5 weeks post-op and I still can’t paint my toes.  I have really good range of motion (ROM), but my leg still feels a bit stiff.  It is hard to reach my toes.  I am having trouble washing my feet in the shower.  I use a brush with a long handle to reach my feet.  Most of all I want to paint my toes for summer.  I dream about pretty, painted toes in all sorts of bright summer colors.  I know I could just go get a pedicure, but I have not found a good place to go yet and I want to save money for my summer trip to my hometown.

I start physical therapy next week so hopefully I can work on my ROM and be able to paint my toes soon.

Here is hoping for a pretty summer pedicure.

photo by Deerstop

photo by Deerstop

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