Hip Replacement Please

I am almost 4 months post -op (17 weeks) and I am still in so much pain.  My hip muscles tighten up and cause a lot of irritation.  Mostly my hip flexor (iliopsoas) and piriformis, but also a bit of adductor mucsle (inner thigh).  On top of that I am getting knee pain in my left knee, on my non-operative leg and hip pain in my left hip.  And of course, my operative joint hurts tremendously too.  Most the time I am in so much pain I am miserable and just want to cry.  I want to get a hip replacement so bad, but I am getting so many different opinions from different doctors.  I hate being in so much pain and so miserable all the time.

I went to get a second opinion and the surgeon suggested and open PAO surgery.  Another surgery that may not work and will be an even harder recovery than a FAI scope.

I feel like Dr. Sampson did an awesome job with my last two scopes.  He is a great surgeon and I highly recommend him.  I think my hip is just done and I need a replacement.  A PAO surgery might be overkill.  On the other side, a PAO surgery might me my last chance on not needing a hip replacement.  I am really not sure what to do, but I know I can’t live in all this pain.  Its so awful!

drawing of pelvis with muscles

Muscles of hip


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