One Year Post Op Third Right Hip Scope

Found a comfy office chair

Found a comfy office chair

I am one year and a couple months post op from my right hip scope.  I am doing alright and as always I have good and bad days. I feel like a broken record but here it goes.

The Good

  • Off crutches
  • Working almost full time
  • Exercise at gym is okay
  • Stationary bike is okay
  • Small weight are okay
  • Swimming is okay
  • I can make it to the pharmacy alright

The Bad

  • Still in a lot of pain
  • Can’t sleep or wake up through the night
  • Always tired from not sleeping and from pain
  • Hate leaving my house
  • Hard to grocery shop
  • Pain stresses me out, thinking of surgery stresses me out and my stomach hurts from stress
  • Can’t do yoga, run, bike outside
  • Can’t do all work activities lifting, bending
  • Can’t take Penny hiking or for long walks


Since I am still in a lot of pain, my surgeon believes that I need another surgery.  I either need a PAO surgery or a hip replacement.  I sent my records to a surgeon in San Diego, Dr Richard Santore, to review my case and see what he says.  I also saw a surgeon at Standford, Dr. Bellino, who is not sure what I should do, but agrees I do need to have another surgery.  


Visit my beauty blog to see what my life is like outside of my hip.


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