Hip Background

A Little Background About My Hip Condition

x-ray showing slipped capital epiphysis

image showing slipped capital epiphysis

A lot of people wonder why someone so young has a painful hip problem. I have had soon to be three hip surgeries and I am thinking about a replacement. So let me give you a little background.

It all started when I was born. I was born with a condition called hip dysplasia.  My hip sockets are not large enough to cover my femoral head.  This didn’t cause me any pain until I was about 13 and a freshmen in high school.  I was running cross country and sustained an injury called slipped capital epiphysis; when you are young the bone is not fully formed and the head of the femur slips at an angle away from the long femur bone .  This may have been caused because my right leg is significantly longer than my left.  I went to many doctors after my injury and had a lot of physical therapy. The only x-ray I got was of my back.  No doctor could diagnose my problem and told me to stretch because it was a pulled muscle.  I stretched my hip out so much but I never had any relief of pain.  The doctors made me feel like it was my fault I was in so much pain because I didn’t stretch enough.  Doctors dismissed my hip pain because I was so young.

I just went on living my life and still doing all the things I liked even though my hip hurt a lot.  I could never run very fast after my injury.  It turns out that my slipped capital ephphysis caused what is called femoral acetabular impingement (FAI).  This is when the bone of the hip socket will hit against the bone of the femoral head.  This causes a lot of pain and inflammation.  Inflammation leads to arthritis   Since my pain went undiagnosed for so long I had a lot of arthritis for someone my age.

image showing hip dyplasia

Image showing hip dysplasia


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