Post Surgery Entertainment – how to entertain yourself after surgery

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After surgery you will probably just want to sleep a lot, but for those waking hours you will definitely want to entertain yourself.  Think about your entertainment before your surgery so you don’t get bored, especially if you will be staying in the hospital.

  1. Magazines – whether you’re into gossip magazines or car magazines, mags are a great way to entertain yourself with reading.  Novels can be too much thinking for a sleepy brain on pain killers and short articles will be much more fun to read.
  2. TV shows – pick out the TV shows that you want to catch up on and add some variety.
  3. Movies – Prepare a movie list of movies you want to catch up on.
  4. Netflix – a subscription to Netflix or Hulu can be a good way to get tv shows and movies and both offer free trial subscriptions.
  5. Visitors – visitors can be fun to chat with but it is good to know they are coming ahead of time so you don’t get caught with gross greasy hair and drool on your face.
  6. Internet – if you are staying in the hospital plan to bring a smart phone or tablet.
  7. Games – Download some fun games that don’t require too much brain power onto your smart phone or tablet.
  8. Knitting – If you’re into knitting and you are not having hand surgery, knitting is a fun way to entertain yourself.
  9. Update your ipod – you can update your music selection or organize your playlists while you recover.  It is something that is fun to do but often you don’t have time to do it.
  10. Video Games – You know your favorite video game just make sure you have a comfortable seat and set up to play.  If you are staying in the hospital bring your hand held gaming device.
  11. Computer Games – Catch up on your WOW and StarCraft.
  12. Manicure – It is a good time to paint your nails. Since you are not going anywhere or doing any dishes you will have plenty of time for your nails to dry and look great.
  13. Blog – Update your blog and write about how your recovery is going.
  14. Crafting – Any craft you can do sitting down is fine.

If you have any other tips for entertaining yourself after surgery let me know.

knitting with white yarn

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ImPress Press on Manicure



Three Week Post-Op Third Hip Scope

four photos of the inside of hip joint during hip surgery

Inside my hip joint

I am at three weeks post-op.  I ran out of pain meds so now I am in a lot of pain.   EEEEK!  I’m exhausted, I can’t sleep and I am still a bit swollen in my hip and thigh.

My muscles are cramping in my but and thigh and causing additional pain.  I am still taking anti-inflammatories and I am still on crutches.  I’ve been icing everyday to control pain and swelling.

I see my surgeon in one week to go over the surgery and the pictures from surgery.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Side Effects of Surgery

Girl showing bandages on ribs

This is my third right hip arthoscopic surgery for a painful hip condition that I have.  These are my side effects from this most recent surgery, 5/8/13, only.

  1. Sleepiness
  2. Bloating
  3. Swelling on surgery site
  4. Constipation
  5. Dehydration
  6. Excessive Sweating
  7. Headache
  8. Nausea
  9. Pain
  10. Raw ribs from crutches

Overall this recovery has been easier than my last two hip surgeries.  The last two hip surgeries muscle was cut making my hip weak.  Surgery number one I had an iliopsoas lengthening (hip flexor).  Surgery number two I had tendon graphed from my rectus fermoris to create a labrum.  I don’t have weakness in my hip muscles and thigh muscles this time.

Surgery number two was quit extensive and lasted almost five hours.  I also had bone cut away.  This time I did not have any bone cut away.  I had a bunch of scar tissue removed and my hip capsule was tightened using cadaver tissue.

My hip joint does feel tighter.  It use to pop out of joint all the time; it was really loose.  Hopefully I will be off crutches at the normal 6 week mark instead of the 8 month mark like the last two surgeries.

After Surgery

After Surgery I mostly slept. I had a horrible headache, nausea, pain for about three days. I just iced my hip, slept and drank fluids.

Going to the bathroom was a challenge for a few days. I had to hold on to the walls and while I sat and stood up.

Taking a shower was even more challenging. After two days I removed my bandages and took a shower. I was careful not to get any soap on my incisions. It felt good to be clean because I was sweating so much.

It was a tough few days to begin with but after I got past that I felt a little better and was able to get some better rest.

It has been over two weeks since my surgery and I still feel extremely tired.
dog sitting next to girl

Day of Surgery May 8th 2013

girl sitting in hopital gown

I was very anxious leading up to my surgery, right up until they got me in the operating room. The day of surgery everything happened very quickly.  I was on the operating table and asleep in no time flat.

When I woke up in the recovery room I was freezing cold, in a ton of pain and had to pee so bad.  The first thing I mentioned when I saw the nurse was I have to pee!  I couldn’t get up because my blood pressure was too low so they put a bed pan underneath of me.  I had dozed off when they put the bed pan on.  I just couldn’t go pee even though my bladder was so full.  My brain was telling my body not to pee the bed.  Ugh!  So I told the nurse I just couldn’t go and she understood.  She asked if I wanted a catheter and I agreed.  I dozed off again when they put it in so it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything.

Ahhh! It felt so good to relief my bladder.  I had 800 ccs of urine in there.  That is a lot!

I was still shivering so the nurse but another blanket on me and I already had heated air on me.

I was also in pain so the nurse gave me some pain medicine.  I didn’t want to take too much because I would get nauseous and throw up if I had too much.  The pain was excruciating.  I think it is what it would feel like if you got shot through the leg.

My blood pressure was really low so I had to wait until it got above 90 before I could get dressed.  Finally after a few hours of waiting my BP got above 90 and I went to the changing room to eat some snacks, drink some apple juice and slowly get dressed.  I was super hungry and I scarfed down a bag of Cheeze-Its!  And the apple juice was so good on my dry throat.  I still had to wait for my BP to get above 100 before I could go home to rest.

I was soooo bloated when I got out of surgery.  I had been given 6 bags of fluid.  I looked really funny.

girl in hopital gown sitting after surgery

Finally, my BP went up and I could go home.  I was feeling nauseous.  The nurse asked me if I wanted a pill for my nausea.  Yes I do!  It was a suppository.  😦  No I will skip it.  I wasn’t feel up to getting undressed and trying to put medicine in my butt.


I was given a few throw up bags for the road!  Sometimes throwing up makes you feel better anyways.  I got in the car and sat in the back seat.  I was really cold and nauseous, but I fell asleep most of the way and didn’t throw up.

When I got home Penny, my doggy knew something was wrong and was really happy to see me.   She tried to cuddle me to make me feel better but I just needed to sleep.  I fell asleep cold, nauseous, with a horrible headache in my own bed.  Penny was right next to me taking care of me.

Girl sitting after surgery eating cheez-its

I think I was trying to smile

You can read about my previous hip surgery on my old blog.

Preparing for Surgery

Girl in hospital gown

Before going into hip surgery May 8th

It is important to prepare mentally and physically for surgery. This is what I do to get ready for surgery.

1) Clean my house like crazy. Cleaning helps me relax and I know I won’t be looking at a mess while I recover from surgery.

2) Grocery shopping.

3) Shave legs.  I always wax my legs and shave a few days before surgery since I won’t be able to shave for awhile.  Do not shave the surgery site.

4)Lay out clothes for your surgery day.  Pick super baggy easy to change into clothes.  Bring pants that are baggier than you think you will need because the bandage and swelling can make it hard to put on pants.  Wear sneakers that are easy to slip on and off.  Don’t wear flip-flops.  I didn’t wear a bra this surgery, just a baggy shirt and a sweatshirt.  Bring a jacket because you might be cold from your drop in blood pressure.  I was really cold.

5) Lay out your clothes for a week.  I like to wear baggy basket ball type shorts and comfy, loose fitting t-shirts.  Lay out any undergarments you want to wear that week as well.  If someone has to help you get dressed this makes it a lot easier if your clothes are already layed out.

6) Baby wipes or wet wipes for a sponge bath.  Even if you are allowed to shower, you won’t be able to wash your feet and you might want to wash your face a couple times a day.  If you have wet wipes someone can wash your feet for you and you can wipe your face off whenever you want to freshen up.

7) Wash your sheets the day before surgery so you can recover in clean sheets.  You won’t be able to wash them yourself for awhile.

8) Get out extra blankets and pillows, you never know when you are going to be to cold or need an extra pillow to prop yourself up.

9) Plan your entertainment.  Get your reading material, movies and t.v. shows ready to watch.


Pre- Surgery Grocery List


It is important to buy groceries before your surgery.  I like to buy easy to prepare and eat foods and lots of juice.  I never feel like eating after surgery but it is important to get good nutrition so your body can heal itself.  I am also really thirst after surgery and drink a lot of liquids – STAY HYDRATED.  You don’t want to end up in the hospital for dehydration.  Here is my surgery grocery list.

  1. Tart Cherry Juice (my favorite, i stay away from acidic juice like O.J. because of my acid reflux)
  2. Zero Vitamin Water
  3. Canned Soup
  4. Ensure Vitamin Drinks in Vanilla (I know they are gross, but if you don’t feel like eating it is an easy way to get nutrition)
  5. Bread for toast or PB&Js
  6. Cereal and Milk (easy to make)
  7. Oatmeal
  8. Fruit – Strawberries, Blueberries, bananas and Mangos (if someone will slice it for you otherwise stick to easy to eat fruits – Remember fruit helps you poop!
  9. Laxatives (I always need these every surgery)
  10. Yogurt
  11. Odwalla Fruit Drinks
  12. Ice Cream (actually didn’t eat any ice cream because I didnt feel well enough but you never know when you will need some ice cream)
  13. Straws for drinking your juice
  14. Ginger Ale
  15. Granola Bars